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UV protected and fade resistant

Our fibers have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow, and ice.

Easy installation

Artificial grass is a very easy product to install; in most cases, artificial grass is simply just rolled over a sub base and fixed straight to the surface.

Low maintenance

Compared to natural grass, it will take from seven to eight years of no water and low maintenance to recoup the initial cost of artificial turf.

Natural grass look and feel

Our synthetic grass truly resembles natural grass. Not only does Supergrass products look real, but many of our grass products feel real!

About Supergrass


Supergrass is established in 2012, we are one of the leading importer of the most premium quality artificial grass and turf.
Prior venturing into this field, our parent company Novelty has 20 years of an established business of importing artificial flowers and plants.

We at Supergrass are dedicated to providing the best artificial turf system to both landscape and sports applications, which are our main products.
Artificial turf is diversified into two main series, namely sports grass and landscaping grass. Sports grass is designed for the sports sites like football, golf, cricket, basketball, hockey etc.
While landscape grass is suitable for landscaping in the entertainment site, home yards and roof virescence.
Our product features 24 hours usage, UV, aging and erosion resistance, safety and environment protection, good flexibility all available at low cost.

Our Products

The use and purposes of artificial grass are endless. From parks to sports grounds, from lawns to roundabouts, from balconies to playgrounds.
Supergrass products not only looks like grass, you could touch it and still be unsure whether it is synthetic grass.
And it is virtually Maintenance-Free!

Product Details

Below is the list of product specifications

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